The Foam Master Pogo Stick Product Review

Have you heard about the Foam Master Pogo Stick?  If you have not then put on your glasses and read on.  If you want to get a younger person something that is adventurous, cool and exciting then this should be your choice.  There is rarely an item that appeals to both kids and people who are still kids in their heart.

As far as gifts go this is one of the best gift ideas you can get for someone who is young.  It may seem like old technology but I promise it will never go out of style.  Outdoor and indoor jumping never gets old.  Watch how the person you purchase the Foam Master Pogo Stick jumps for joy when they see their present.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to these toys.  This jumping device is action packed and you can bet your child will be drained after 20 minutes of using their foam pogo stick.  Its guaranteed to give any parent late night peace and quiet because your son or daughter will be totally worn out after using this thing.

The Foam Master Pogo Stick is ruggedly designed in order to give you the coolest jumping experience and outdoor play ever. It is perfectly fit for kids aged eight years old and up, even for teens and adults weighing 80 to 160 pounds. There is no need for you to worry about accessing and using the gadget right away because it comes fully assembled.

The cool thing about this particular pogo stick is its rugged design.  It gives your one of the coolest jumping experience you can get from a pogo stick.  Its perfect for any kid at least eight years old who at least weighs 80 lbs.  It also comes fully assembled (some models require you put them together).  Its also very feature rich with tons of gadgets, precision made steel frame, comfy textures, deep foot pads and easy grip rubberized plush handles.

Truly, the Foam Master Pogo Stick is one of the best plaything you can purchase a hyper and energized little guy or girl.  You can go to your nearest store and pick one up or you can save some money by purchasing them online.

The Foam Master Pogo Stick is definitely the best plaything you could get when it comes to energizing your little jumpers and players with maximum performance. It is truly a foamed, masterfully created pogo stick that guarantees longer fun with safety and style.


Buy Pogo Stick to Get Your Children Out of the House

If you want to get your children off the couch, off the television and off their PlayStation 3 or XBox then you need to buy them a Pogo stick.  As a parent there is nothing more frustrating than coming home on a nice sunny afternoon and seeing your young kids inside with their little eyes glued on something artificial.  Its no wonder half the children these days are overweight, is what we think to ourselves.

So a pogo stick is an easy solution.  Buy a foam master pogo stick for your children and go outside and show them how to use it.  In this way you can purchase them a gift that will also serve as a way for them to get some exercise, OUTSIDE.  Getting your younger children to try a fun workout tool has never been so easy.

It has been estimated that a typical 150 lb person burns at least 600 calories an hour while jumping on a pogo stick.  What is more pogo stick jumping works a persons core muscles, shoulder muscles and quads. Now the odds of your children jumping for an hour is really low.  But if they played around with their new toys for just 10-20 minutes that would be better than them sitting inside.

These days it’s not reasonable to expect out children not to play videos games and watch TV more than we did at their ages.  Technology is abundant, exciting and totally captivating with today’s graphics.

But as responsible parents we need to combine physical toys and entertainment with these newer toys too.  No matter if it is Christmas or your childs birthday his menu of presents should not be stationary ones.  He or she still needs toys that will require them to be out doors.

While Pogo sticks have been around for a while they do just that.  Some of the newer ones on the market are fantastic like the Foam Master, Extreme, Flybar, Maverick and Razor.

You can get some fantastic deals on them if you choose to purchase them online and many online retailers offer free shipping if the total checkout is over a certain dollar amount.

Recommended Pogo Sticks On the Market for you

  1. Vertugo V4 Pro Pogo Stick

In case you’re searching for the best pogo stick and won’t be content with anything other than the best, this is the pogo stick for you. The price might be high. However, you’ll never need to buy another pogo stick until the end of time. The Vertigo Pro pogo stick is the pogo stick you see those folks utilizing when they are performing wild and insane tricks on TV, hopping over individuals and autos and doing reverse somersaults, and so forth. The Vertugo is a remarkable pogo stick instead of hopping you up utilizing a metal spring or extensive elastic groups; this pogo stick impels you upward with the utilization of compacted air. Furthermore, in light of the fact that the Vertugo pogo stick utilizes packed air to dispatch you skyward, the air inside the stick can be changed in accordingly to what you want which give you varying levels of life. Furthermore, the Vertugo pogo stick comes in three distinct sizes, for little, medium and large pogo stick jumpers. In case you’re searching for the best pogo stick available, this is the one you need to get!

pest pogo stick review

  1. Flybar Super Pogo 2

The Super Pogo 2 is a blend of two other Flybar pogo sticks – the FlyBar 800 (above) and the Flybar Super Pogo (beneath). This spring controlled pogo is made to suit extraordinary bouncing and will securely bolster riders 100 to 200 lbs. This trick pogo stick gives loads of good, fun and exercise practice for ages 14 and more.

  1. Flybar Super Pogo

The Flybar Super Pogo Stick is a customary pogo stick intended to oblige outrageous pogo stick bouncing. Made of heavy duty metal  and an essentially indestructible Nitrile elastic tip, this pogo stick is made to last. It’s made by a similar organization that initially made the pogo stick in 1918. However, this isn’t your granddad’s pogo. This execution pogo stick has strengthened infusion formed cinches and steps and has a producer recommended weight scope of 120-220 pounds. When you consider the conventional present day pogo stick, this is most likely the pogo stick you are contemplating, which clarifies why it is such a common pogo stick style.

  1. Flybar Chrome Master Pogo Stick

For those looking for a more old-school pogo stick (perhaps one that helps you to remember your adolescence in the 1950’s, 60’s or 70’s), the Flybar Chrome Master Pogo stick could be straight up your back road. This pogo stick is old-school, with a retro vibe intended for jumpers age 9 and up. This is not an awesome grown-up pogo stick since it does not have the power important to keep most grown-ups engaged. However the children will love it and keep them occupied for a considerable length of time, weeks and months of the year!

  1. Flybar Master Pogo Stick

The Flybar Master Pogo is the advanced variant of the children pogo stick. Accessible in 7 distinct hues, the Master Pogo is made of plastic and metal, includes a fun, brilliant outline and (like the Chrome Master Pogo stick above) is the ideal pogo stick for children between the ages of 9 and 14+. On the off chance that you are searching for a pogo stick for your kid and you aren’t certain which one to get, this is the one we would suggest the most – unless you are into the old-school look found on the Chrome Master or Retro Wooden pogo sticks specified on this page.

  1. Flybar Maverick Pogo Stick

Finally, the Flybar Maverick Pogo Stick is the best pogo stick you can purchase on the off chance that you have a child between the age of 5 and 8 years of age. This delicate, lightweight pogo stick will keep your kid engaged, show them how to adjust, and give them all the fun and energy they have to take their pogo stick abilities to the next level later on in future should they choose to do as such. This pogo stick additionally arrives in a cluster of various hues, so pick the one that you like most… and after that prepare for a decent time! The Flybar Maverick is the best pogo stick you can purchase for children.

How To Choose The Best POGO STICK

pest pogo stick review
The oldest form of a pogo stick was developed by a Wichita man named George Herrington in 1891. Herrington called his development the Spring Stilt, and in his patent application he portrayed this stilt as “utilizing a customizable spring, which can be used at the will of the user for jumping incredible distance and statures.”

What Do I Need to Consider Before Purchasing a Pogo Stick?

Maybe the most imperative part of any pogo stick is how it bounces. Some Pogo have been designed with a high-force spring (or a compacted air actuator) for expanding each push, though essential models have been developed with a controlled curl for obliging kids, in this manner minimizing any hazard that they can get hurt.

As a rule, a heavier Pogo (i.e., 12-15 lbs) will be lighter, if not simpler to handle, than a lightweight model. The expanded lightness is a consequence of a more concentrated coil. The simplicity of operation is the consequence of a more engaged locus of control. The mix of these two components renders a Pogo stick more receptive to beating, while likewise diminishing the odds that a client may waver or fall.

Weight limit is a vital component with regards to Pogo sticks. On the top of the line, any individual who is too much weight may break the spring on a particular model or cause the elastic top around the base to “scrape the bottom.” On the low end, any individual who is too light will be unable to compel a Pogo stick to skip. This has specific pertinence with regards to youngsters’ Pogo, in that specific models highlight more extensive bases and looser springs, in this manner making it less demanding for lightweight children to jump about

This conveys us to one other component, which is a Pogo stick’s tallness. In a perfect world, you’ll need a pogo stick that stands a couple of inches over your abdomen. A lot of producers are thoughtful to this, which is the reason they offer grown-up Pogo sticks in different sizes of small, medium, and big.

A Guide on Pogo Stick


First and foremost is the type of use. Are you looking for a beginner level Pogo Stick/ Pro level for tricks/ fun toy for your kids? First, you should get sorted in this manner. Then if you go through the above list or any other reliable articles on the internet, you will find the best Pogo stick for your use.

Best for you to go through product specification of each product.

You can go through the material used in the Pogo stick. Then you should also consider the durability and defects. For this, you can go through the reviews and ratings on Amazon or any other reliable source and decide. By this, you can find the best Quality Pogo sticks.

So when you consider the buying criteria and review of each product you will definitely identify differences among products. This means every Pogo stick is not the same. It is better if you can stick to the routine of the buying to minimize any problems you might face and buy the best Pogo stick, because ultimately Pogo sticks are a massive step for fun or I should say a jump.