Buy Pogo Stick to Get Your Children Out of the House

If you want to get your children off the couch, off the television and off their PlayStation 3 or XBox then you need to buy them a Pogo stick.  As a parent there is nothing more frustrating than coming home on a nice sunny afternoon and seeing your young kids inside with their little eyes glued on something artificial.  Its no wonder half the children these days are overweight, is what we think to ourselves.

So a pogo stick is an easy solution.  Buy a foam master pogo stick for your children and go outside and show them how to use it.  In this way you can purchase them a gift that will also serve as a way for them to get some exercise, OUTSIDE.  Getting your younger children to try a fun workout tool has never been so easy.

It has been estimated that a typical 150 lb person burns at least 600 calories an hour while jumping on a pogo stick.  What is more pogo stick jumping works a persons core muscles, shoulder muscles and quads. Now the odds of your children jumping for an hour is really low.  But if they played around with their new toys for just 10-20 minutes that would be better than them sitting inside.

These days it’s not reasonable to expect out children not to play videos games and watch TV more than we did at their ages.  Technology is abundant, exciting and totally captivating with today’s graphics.

But as responsible parents we need to combine physical toys and entertainment with these newer toys too.  No matter if it is Christmas or your childs birthday his menu of presents should not be stationary ones.  He or she still needs toys that will require them to be out doors.

While Pogo sticks have been around for a while they do just that.  Some of the newer ones on the market are fantastic like the Foam Master, Extreme, Flybar, Maverick and Razor.

You can get some fantastic deals on them if you choose to purchase them online and many online retailers offer free shipping if the total checkout is over a certain dollar amount.


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